Kayaking among the karst formations in Halong Bay

Month 3: Summary and Statistics

Each month I do a summary of our travels and compile some random numbers from the month because I think it's fun. You can find Month #1 here and Month #2 here. Month #3 was pretty chill in comparison to the previous two months, and we really needed the break. We were exhausted. The first day of Month 3 was also our last day in Tanzania. We soaked up those gorgeous Zanzibar views for a few more hours before heading off to the airport. It took a short flight to Nairobi, a 5-hour layover, … [Read More...]


3 Days in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

The main purpose of our trip to Uganda was to go on a safari and hopefully see some chimpanzees. Technically we spent a week in Uganda: 2 days in Kampala, 3 days on safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and 2 more days in Kampala. Unfortunately, we didn’t experience much of Kampala. Our accommodation was […]

Mount Meru looming over Arusha

35 Random Facts and Observations About Tanzania and Uganda

I am so very excited to start writing about our recent experiences in East Africa! Travel to Africa from the United States is not common, and I know that most of the friends and family following our journey have never spent time in Africa. Africa, of course, is a very large and diverse continent. (For […]


Our 8-Day Italian Road Trip

After a few days with my family exploring Slovenia, it was time to move on to the main event: a road trip across Italy. Because it’s crazy expensive to pick up a rental car in one country and drop it off in another, we chose to return our Slovenian rental car and take a shuttle […]


Southwestern Slovenia: Caves and Coast

As I’ve mentioned here before, my family came over to join us towards the end of our time in Slovenia. We had planned a big road trip through Italy with them, but they decided to spend a few days with us in Slovenia first. They spent one day in Ljubljana and then we took them […]